Training Services

We organize and efficiently run cutting edge trainings, conferences, congresses, summits, workshops or seminars as well as roundtables that are designed to equip professionals and practitioners in various disciplines to be able to tackle the increasing challenges they face professionally.

RPMC is a member of IHRM. Trainees earn CPD points based on the duration of the training..

Programes Offered(Choose One)

  1. HR Strategy.
  2. HR Audit.
  3. HR Policy Manual.
  4. HR for non-HR.
  5. Labour Law.
  6. Discipline Management.
  7. Occupational Safety and Health.
  8. Work place environment.
  9. Fire Risk.
  10. Wellness.
  11. Performance Management.
  12. Business Management.
  13. Compensation and Benefits.
  14. Industrial and employee relations.
  15. Leadership Development.
  16. Coaching for Development.
  17. Supervisory Skills.
  18. HR Trends and Best Practices.

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